Toy Story Teeter Toys

Kids will love making their favorite Toy Story characters into teetering, no-topple toys! Kids can design an army of green aliens or a crew of Sunnyside playmates.

You’ll need:

Plastic Easter eggs
Play dough or clay
Self-adhesive craft foam in assorted colors

Descargar (PDF, Desconocido)


1. Have kids roll a small ball of play dough or clay and place this in the wide half of a plastic egg. Press clay down, molding it to the shape of the egg. Close your egg and test it. It should stand on its own, and teeter when poked. If it does not, re-adjust the clay inside the egg.

2. Print templates here and use the provided shapes to cut the faces and features of the Toy Story characters from self-adhesive craft foam.

3. Use markers and small scraps of craft foam to add eyebrows, pupils, and other details to your teeter toys.

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